Sundaes make fun days! Check out Kaspa's enormous list of delicious Sundaes

Mango Mania Sundae, Sundaes

Mango Mania

A mouth-watering combination of real Alphonso mango sorbet, soft serve, fresh mango fruit pieces and mango syrup.

Banoffee Pie Sundae, Sundaes

Banoffee Pie

A combination of banana and dulce de leche gelato topped with freshly sliced bananas, crushed digestives, airy whipped cream and our luxury toffee syrup.

After Eight Mint Choc Sundae, Sundaes

After Eight Mint Choc

A delicious fusion of mint choc chip and chocolate gelato. Served with airy whipped cream and topped with After Eight pieces and a drizzle of silky milk chocolate sauce.

Reese's Sundae, Sundaes


Creamy Reese’s gelato and soft serve, topped with a luxurious choco-nut sauce and Reese’s pieces.

Bubblelicious Sundae, Sundaes


A fun blend of bubblegum, strawberry gelato and soft serve. Topped with sugar strands and finished with bubblegum and strawberry syrup.

Pistachio Nut Delight Sunday, Sundae

Pistachio Nut Delight

A nutty fusion of hazelnut, pistachio gelato and soft serve, topped with a luxurious choco-nut sauce & nuts.

Strawberry Sundae, Sundaes


A classic combination of strawberry gelato, fresh strawberries, airy whipped cream & sweet strawberry sauce.

Cookies and Cream Sunday, Sundae

Cookies & Cream

Cookies & Cream gelato topped with soft serve and served with a luxury chocolate sauce, topped with crushed Oreos.

Choc Fudge Sundae, Sundaes

Choc Fudge

An indulgent combination of chocolate gelato, warm fudge pieces and soft serve. Drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with milk chocolate flakes.

Hazelnut Choc Deluxe Sundae, Sundaes

Hazelnut Choc Deluxe

Spoil yourself with a combination of creamy hazelnut and chocolate hazelnut gelato. Served with soft serve and topped with milk chocolate flakes, a luxurious choco-nut sauce and crispy Ferrero Rochers.

Speculoos Sundae, Sundaes


Creamy Speculoos gelato paired with soft serve and topped with Biscoff sauce and biscuits.

Very Cherry Sundae, Sundaes


Cherry gelato topped with soft serve, airy whipped cream and drizzled with cherry sauce.

Chocoholic Sundae, Sundaes


Indulge in a delicious combination of chocolate and caramel gelato, soft serve airy whipped cream and a luxurious milk chocolate sauce. Topped with milk chocolate flakes & nuts.

Tropical Paradise Sundae, Sundaes


A tropical selection of banana and coconut gelato, mango sorbet and fresh fruits. Topped with airy whipped cream and drizzled with a tasty peach and kiwi sauce.

Strawberry Cheesecake Sundae, Sundaes

Strawberry Cheesecake

A lovely mixture of strawberry cheesecake and white chocolate gelato. Topped with airy whipped cream, crushed digestives, a rich white chocolate sauce and sweet strawberry syrup.